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Abortion Financial Assistance

Ask us at Heritage Clinic for Women about abortion financial assistance.

We have worked with women for over 25 years who are in financial stress and have many suggestions on how to be successful in raising the fees. We also work closely with several funding resources that have been able to help thousands of women over the years.

We are more than willing to inform you about how to access these funds and advocate on your behalf when necessary.

IDEAS: When you feel overwhelmed with your troubles, it is more difficult to see the opportunities available to you. Please consider the following ideas designed to tap into resources you may already have and some you may not have thought of.

  • Ask ten people you know if you could borrow ten to twenty dollars because you’ve had some unexpected expenses. They will be more likely to have ten to twenty dollars to spare and will be less curious about your circumstances than if you asked to borrow one hundred dollars.If ten people loaned you ten dollars each, you would have another one hundred dollars toward the cost of your procedure.
  • Collect and return bottles and cans to the grocery store. One hundred cans equal ten dollars.
  • Consider selling items you own to resale stores:  books, DVD’s, CD’s, clothing, etc.
  • Hold a yard sale.
  • Utilize food pantries or other food resources for groceries and meals in order to save money toward the procedure.
  • Do odd jobs for neighbors, family members, landlords, or friends. These jobs might include lawn mowing, gardening, dog walking, preparing meals, grocery shopping, running errands, shoveling snow, cleaning houses, doing laundry, cleaning refrigerators, washing cars…use your imagination or ask what the person might like help with.

RESOURCES: It is extremely important that you access every resource YOU have first BEFORE reaching out to the funds. We will do everything in our power to assist you but you will have to work very hard yourself to raise the fee.

National Abortion Federation Justice Fund

The NAF Justice Fund is available to women who have scheduled an appointment at a National Abortion Federation member clinic (Heritage Clinic for Women is a NAF member).

You may contact the Justice Fund directly or we can determine your eligibility when you schedule your appointment. They will only be able to help with a portion of the funds if you qualify so you must work hard to raise whatever money the Justice Fund cannot help with.

Fountain Street Church Choice Fund

The FSC Choice Fund is a 45 year old fund available to women who are currently living in Michigan. They rely solely on donations from their congregation and members of the pro-choice community throughout Michigan.

This fund is only accessible to the NAF clinics in Michigan.

We will contact them on your behalf once you have scheduled your appointment and a need has been determined. The amount of money they pledge for your procedure is considered a faith loan meaning that you agree to pay the loan back when you are able in the future.

Every dollar that you are able to repay will immediately be loaned out to another woman who needs help.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to pay for your procedure or would simply like to help, please consider making a donation to the FSC Choice Fund to help other women who can’t afford their procedures.

You may make a DONATION when you arrive for your appointment or you may contact us at 616-458-3694 and we will assist you by phone. Thank you!!!


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