Under 18 Abortion Laws in State of Michigan must have parent's consent Heritage Clinic for Women abortion clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan

UNDER 18 Abortion Laws

Under 18 abortion laws that apply in the State of Michigan:

The State of Michigan Parental Consent Law states that women under the age of 18 who choose to have an abortion must have a parent’s consent or go through the court system and get a parental consent waiver also known as a judicial bypass.

If you need help getting a judicial bypass, please call our office or click on Parental Consent Law.

If your parent is coming with you to provide parental consent, you must bring the following items to prove parental consent or we will not be able to provide abortion services for you at your appointment:

  • If you have your parent’s consent and your parent has the same last name you have, you must bring your parent, your picture ID, your parent’s picture ID and your birth certificate.
  • If you have your parent’s consent but your parent has a different last name, you must bring your parent, your picture ID, your parent’s picture ID and your birth certificate and your parent’s marriage license’s showing your parent’s change(s) of name.
  • If you have a legal guardian, you must bring your guardian, your picture ID, your guardian’s picture ID and legal proof of guardianship, specifically over medical issues.

If you have a judicial bypass or parental consent waiver through the court, you must bring your picture ID and the papers signed by the judge stating you have been granted the waiver.

Please call us if you are missing any of the required materials and we will do our best to help you identify acceptable alternatives.


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