Items to Bring to Appointment Heritage Clinic for Women abortion clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Items to Bring with You

Listed below are items to bring to appointment:

  • If you received the Michigan 24-Hour Consent information over the internet or from an office other then ours, DO NOT FORGET TO BRING IT!
  • Please bring 2-3 maxi pads and wear or bring underwear to adhere them to.   You will be instructed not to use tampons for one week following your abortion.
  • Please bring or wear a pair of socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable during the ultrasound, procedure and any other exams.
  • You MUST bring someone with you who is able to drive you home if you are having the traditional first or second trimester procedure.
  • If you qualify for and choose the Medical Mifeprex procedure (medication induced process at home), a driver is not mandatory.
  • You MUST bring a picture ID (one with your picture, your name, and your birth date). If you do not have a typical picture ID such as a drivers license, please call the clinic for some alternate suggestions.
  • We DO accept cash, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. If you are choosing to use a credit/debit card, the cardholder must be present with photo ID.